July 31, 2014

Rally Car Parts – Transforming Your Family Car Into A Rally Machine

Have you ever watched the World Rally Championship? If you did, have you noticed that there are participants with cars, which look very much like the one you own speeding around mountain tracks and doing stuff that you think is impossible as you are queued in a busy supermarket parking lot? Chances are, basically these cars are similar to yours, and the only difference is a team of rally engineers have worked on the rally car and put in rally car parts for it to become the best that it can be.

For a car to qualify in the rally, it’s in the rule that the vehicle should be available for the masses to buy because of its not; the cars will get out of hand since they will just be designed for rallying. Because of this, given the right rally car parts, it is very possible to turn your everyday car to a forest stomping rally car and here is how it’s done…

The Engine

First is upgrading your engine. Although your car may already have a good 2 liter engine, for it to be able to take the punishment that rallying will be putting it through, then it needs to have upgraded parts. This means putting in upgraded spark plugs, radiators and alternator as well as putting in a turbo so it will move a lot quicker.

The Bodywork

Next to address is the bodywork. The name of the game is “the lighter, the better.” Being lighter means your cars can get the maximum power from the engine so get rid of most of the factory parts, to make way for carbon-fiber parts. Additionally, since aerodynamics should be considered as well, it is advisable to add a spoiler.

The Tires and Suspension

To be sure that your chance of staying on the road is very good, your car needs to be fitted with an extremely good suspension. This is very important because in rallying, road lumps and bumps are needed to be soaked up really well. Rally car parts are available online or at specialist garages. However, you may also find them at some of your local tire shops.

The Driving Skill

Last, always keep in mind that no matter how well furbished you make your rally car, going around the first bend will always be a struggle, especially of your driving skill is poor, so practice. There are a lot of rally courses and track days around where you will be able to take your new rally car and practice driving it to dense forest at the maximum speed.