July 29, 2014

Kumho Tires As Rally Car Parts

It should be known to all race car drivers that the best manufacturer for tires as rally car parts would be Kumho tires.  Kumho tires’ popularity all over the world has led them to gain the highest popularity rating among rally car parts all over the world.  The company’s success comes as a result of their record in giving the best quality and value for a variety of tire applications.

For so many years now, Kumho has been respected as the number one tire provider.  And as you may know, tires would be the number one rally car parts.  Kumho is number one also because of its reputation in the areas of quality, reliability, and great performance.

Kumho tires are worldwide.  It is continuously marketed in over 150 countries through a big network of more than 1,200 rally car parts distributors especially tires.  Kumho is also one of the two biggest producers of tires in Korea as they manufacture about 40% domestic tires in Korea.  Their ranking worldwide is in the top 10.  That’s how great they are!

Kumho also manufactures their tires as rally car parts in China.  China is where they have their major production facility.  In the United States, they manufacture it under the Kumho and Marshal brands.

For the United States however, they manufacture tires that are based on the most popular tires being used today.  Actually, a lot of rally car enthusiasts from the Unites States favour Kumho tires because of the performance of the car that Kumho gives and also because of its high quality.

As a rally car enthusiast too, Kumho is known to provide a wide selection of Winter and rally style tires.  Kumho is famed for providing a tire for nearly any use.  From its driver demands durability as well as safety and performance, Kumho will offer the tire for that specific purpose.

It is quite obvious how Kumho managed to be one of the greatest providers for tires.  In rally car racing, tires get worn out easily especially in the turns that race car drivers make.  When you even watch rally car racing, smoke comes out during the driver’s sudden turns.  So it is very important to get really good tires.

Currently, Kumho also offers their services to companies like Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, and Volkswagen even for their rally cars.  Hopefully, they will also push thru with their plans on providing their services to Ford Motor company who happens to also be the one supplying for Daimler – Chrysler.